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Sophisticated Sound, Inc. has been serving the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex and surrounding areas since 1973. We service and install drive thru systems (3M, HME, and Panasonic), drive thru timer systems, sound and satellite music systems, paging systems, video systems and much more.

Our company is an established 3M Drive-Thru Communications Dealer providing quick service restaurants with a communications package that includes a complete line of 3M wireless drive thru communication systems, hardwired intercom systems, detector systems, drive thru lane camera systems, restaurant sound systems, PA systems, music and all major drive thru system repairs. Including the 3M XT-1 and C1060 Headset System.

The 3M G5 and XT-1 Wireless Communication System is an extraordinary development in drive-thru communications that revolutionizes how your drive-thru works and is serviced. The system practically takes care of itself --providing you with assurance that your system is running smoothly.

Being a DMX Music Affiliate allows us to meet any of your sound needs. From DMX Direct Broadcast Satellite Music (over 100 channels of constantly updated, professionally programmed, commercial free, DJ-free, digital music), DMX on premise Profusion Systems (music that requires no satellite dish and is updated and downloaded via CD, internet or Ethernet), sound and paging system design and installation, music on hold, music with promotional messages on hold, in-store advertising, and Flat panel TV or video system installation. See our complete line of DMX Music products.

Are you needing repairs done to your Drive Thru system? Whether you are having problems with your wireless headset system, hard-wired intercom, detection system, outside speaker or just need to get your wireless headsets repaired, we can help! Call 817-265-5254 or Visit our Drive Thru repair page for more information.

Sophisticated Sound, Inc is dedicated to providing you with the best service in the industry. Contact us or call metro 817-265-5254, we will arrange a convenient time to meet and further discuss your best sound or drive thru system for your business.


Sophisticated Sound, Inc.
2340 Superior Drive, Suite E
Arlington, Texas 76013
Metro (817)265-5254

"Serving the Dallas - Ft .Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas since 1973"

Offering 3M, HME, Panasonic, Wireless Drive Thru Systems, Paging System Design, DMX Music, Sound System Design

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